Don't Be a Drag T-Shirt

Don't Be a Drag T-Shirt

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Come on bro, it's beach time.  Chill out.  We're not Miami or New York.  Take it easy.  And funny enough, the people on the beaches think the same thing about the people in St Pete and Tampa!

So take a minute.  Relax.  Lighten up.  Throw on those flip-flops, no one cares about that weird toe you have.  Keep the spirits high, and the responsibility low...

And quit being such a drag, man.

What the tshirt made of, besides awesomeness?  It's a Next Level Tri-Blend t-shirt.  What's that mean?  It means that this tshirt is soft, soft, soft and high quality.  No shrinky-dink t-shirts here!

This tee created by Wide Sky, a local Tampa Bay t-shirt designer.