Sunshine State of Mind T-Shirt

Sunshine State of Mind T-Shirt

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One thing we are known for in the Tampa Bay area is sunshine.  Matter of fact, St Pete holds the record for most consecutive days with sunshine!  768 if you wanted to count, and before you crack an egg trying to figure it out that's over 2 years!

So tie together the beautiful greens of our live oaks and palm trees with the yellow of that blazing or in the sky with Wide Sky's "Sunshine State of Mind" T-Shirt!

What the tshirt made of, besides awesomeness?  It's a Next Level Tri-Blend t-shirt.  What's that mean?  It means that this tshirt is soft, soft, soft and high quality.  No shrinky-dink t-shirts here!

This tee created by Wide Sky, a local Tampa Bay t-shirt designer.